Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences (CSHALS)

Welcome to CSHALS 2010


The ISCB Conference on Semantics in Healthcare and Life Sciences returns for its third year as the premier annual event focused on the use of semantic technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, including hospitals/healthcare institutions and academic research labs.

CSHALS is a single forum for the presentation and discussion of practical semantics-based approaches, including challenges faced and applications that are working. The conference features keynote lectures, invited talks and discussion sessions guided by leaders and visionaries of intelligent systems for drug discovery and development. Rather than a Semantic Web conference, CSHALS is a conference focused on specific applications of semantic technologies to show where advances have been made, determine what the current needs are, and anticipate where the field is headed in order to prepare and advance with the field. The conference is organized along specific topics and moderated to stimulate interactive discussions around sets of key questions determined in advance with input from registered attendees.

CSHALS is intended for anyone already participating in this groundbreaking field, and a pre-conference tutorial is offered to help interested researchers come up to speed on the practical approaches of applying intelligent information technologies in pharmaceutical R&D.

If this describes you, save the date now and follow the website for updates on CSHALS 2010.

Conference participants will take part in discussion sessions that explore answers to technology questions such as the following:

  • Where are semantic applications having the biggest impact?
  • What support exists for using semantics for automated reasoning and agent technologies?
  • How well do semantic tools enable the visualization and utilization of information and knowledge?
  • What are the measurable benefits of Semantic Web standards, such as RDF, OWL, and SPARQL?

Themes of past CSHALS conferences:

  • Clinical Information Management
  • Discovery Information Integration
  • Integrated Healthcare and Semantics in Electronic Health Records
  • Translational Medicine / Safety
  • Search and Document Management/Business Intelligence/Text Mining
  • Text Mining/ Information Extraction

C-SHALS will be preceded by a half day Tutorial focused on the current Semantic Web standard RDF tools to show participants how this technology meets drug development needs.