Conference on Semantics in Healthcare & Life Sciences (C-SHALS) 

Welcome to C-SHALS 2008!

C-SHALS 2009 taking place Feb 25 - 27, 2009. For details click here.
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About C-SHALS 2008

C-SHALS is a new premier conference presented by the International Society for Computational Biology focused on the pharmaceutical applications of Semantic Technologies. It will serve as a forum for the presentation and discussion of practical semantics-based approaches to Drug R&D, organized along specific topics and moderated to induce interactive discussions around sets of key questions. The conference is intended for anyone interested in understanding how best to apply intelligent information technologies in Pharmaceutical R&D.

C-SHALS Conference Themes will include:

  • Clinical Information Management
  • Discovery Information Integration
  • Integrated Healthcare and Semantics in Electronic Health Records
  • Search and Document Management
  • Text Mining/ Information Extraction
  • Translational Medicine / Safety

Conference participants will discuss and explore the following technology issues:
  • Does the application of Semantic Web standards, such as RDF, OWL, and SPARQL, have measurable benefits?
  • What support exists for using semantics for automated reasoning and agent technologies?
  • How well do semantic tools enable the visualization and utilization of information and knowledge?
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