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2005 Registration


ISMB/ISCB 2005 will feature a series of "spontaneous" open meetings for participants to meet and talk about topics of mutual interest. The "Birds-of-a-feather" (BoF) meetings are a long-standing, highly successful tradition at ISMB and ISCB. During the conference, ISCB 2005 participants are encouraged to submit a topic for discussion to this website and to recruit as many (or as few) interested participants as desired by the topic leader. The ISMB 2005 conference organizers have set aside several rooms specifically for birds-of-a-feather meetings. While birds-of-a-feather announcements occur during the conference dates (June 26 - 29), we encourage would-be topic leaders to START THINKING AND PLANNING NOW.

Birds of a Feather announcements and sign up sheets (Topic, Topic Leader, Location, Time) will be posted each day and will be available on the internal webserver.

The birds of a feather signup is now closed