Oral Presentation 4:

A Repository of Biochemical, Genetic, and Structural Information about DNA Polymerases

Presenter: Bradley W Langhorst, New England Biolabs
Authors: Bradley Langhorst, Nicole Nichols

Abstract: Polbase is a freely accessible database of DNA polymerases and references. It has been developed in a collaborative model with experts whose contributions reflect their varied backgrounds in genetics, structural biology, and biochemistry. Polbase is designed to compile detailed results of polymerase experimentation presenting them in a dynamic view to inform further research. After validation, results from specific references are displayed in context with relevant experimental details and are always traceable to their source publication. Polbase is interconnected with other resources, including PubMed, UniProt, and the RCSB Protein Data Bank, to provide multi-faceted views of polymerase knowledge. In addition to a simple web interface, Polbase data is exposed for custom analysis by external software. Our goal is to produce a collaborative, dynamic, comprehensive research tool covering all important aspects of polymerases, from sequence and structure to biochemistry. Polbase is an open resource available at http://polbase.neb.com.