ISCB-LA / X-meeting / BSB / SoIBio 2014

Belo Horizonte

Locations of interest in Belo Horizonte - MAP

The Venue

Here is a map of the UFMG Campus.  The main auditorium will be CAD1, accross from the World Cup Soccer Stadium.  The second auditorium for the breakout sessions will be Auditório 3 at the Biology Institute - ICB, accross the street from CAD 1.  Coffee break, poster sessions and sponsor booths will be located on the ground floor of CAD 1.

CAD 1 Auditorium

 ICB - Auditorium 3Auditorium





About Belo Horizonte

Flying into town.  Belo Horizonte is a hub for two of the main brazilian airlines, Gol and Azul.  People can reach the city form anywhere in the country with no stops or at the most one stop.  There are two airports in town, Pampulha, right next to the University for short flights and the international airport of Confins.  International flights arrive directly in Belo Horizonte from Panama, Miami and Lisbon.  This will enable visitors from the US or Europe to reach town with one stop in most cases.

Weather in October is mild in Belo Horizonte.  For October the temperature will fluctuate between 65oF-83oF.  Sunshine is expected for just 12h per day.  Rainfall is just average between the driest in July and wettest in December.  For detailed climate information visit this web site.

Hotels around the venue

There are over 12 hotels nearby.  The map indicates some of these hotels.  Prices will range from ~100USD to 60 USD for individual rooms.  The fast bus service that just opened to downtown facilitates transit to town where many hotels are available.

At the moment we have discount agreements with two hotels:

1 - San Diego Suites Pampulha
2 - Pampulha Flat
3 - Fino da Bola Hostel (if you want to have it cheap!)

Things to do around Belo – some tips

  • Hiking – The natural parks of Serra do Cipó and Caraça are nice day trips and offer opportunities for tracking and bird watching.
  • History – Ouro Preto is a UNESCO World Heritage historical site.  It was the first capital of Brazil.  Other historical sites nearby are Tiradentes, Congonhas, São Joal Del Rei, among others.
  • Museums in Belo – Belo Horizonte recently inaugurated a series of culture sites around Liberty Square.  Near town there is the well known Inhotim Botanical Garden and Natural Art museum, a truly unique experience.
  • The Central Market is a tourist favourite for all the diversity of food and local crafts.
  • On Sundays the open market known as Hippie Fair attracts thousands of people.
  • Belo Horizonte is know as the city of bars.  Read this NY Times piece.
  • Her is also a NY Times article on what to do in Belo for 36 hours.
  • Visit the city tourism web site.
  • FIFA's host city web page