Conference Chair

  • Guilherme Oliveira, Conference Chair, FIOCRUZ-CEBio, Brazil

Steering Committee

  • Guilherme Oliveira, Conference Chair, FIOCRUZ-CEBio, Brazil
  • Burkard Rost, ISCB President, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • Diane Kovats, ISCB Executive Director, United States
  • Alfonso Valencia, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre
  • Javier De Las Rivas, Cancer Research Center CiC-IBMCC/USAL/IBSAL, Spain
  • Francisco Melo, Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • Fabio Passetti, National Cancer Institute, Brazil
  • Fernan Aguero, Universidad de San Martin, Argentina
  • Reinhard Schneider, ISCB Treasurer, University of Luxembourg
  • Christine Orengo, University College London
  • Michal Linial, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Life Sciences Institute

Proceedings and Programming Chairs:

  • Marcelo Brandão, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, X-Meeting BMC Genomics publications
  • Sergio Campos, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, BSB publication
  • Priscila Grynberg, Embrapa Genetic Resources & Biotechnology, Posters and Flash Talks