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The ISMB 2012 was held on July 15-17, 2012 in Long Beach, CA, USA.

Conference Talks

The full listing of presentations currently available can be found hereThe presentations can be viewed by anyone and are not restricted to ISCB members.


Pictures of the ISMB 2012 conference posted to Flickr can be found here.

Blogging the Conference

The ISMB 2012 official twitter account were used to post updates related to the ISMB 2012 conference. Twitter users used the #ISMB hashtags to tweet about the conference. The tweets of some presentations have been preserves by bloggers using Storify and can be accessed here.


The list of presenters honored with awards can be found on the ISMB 2012 Conference website. To view our video on awards and acknowledgments of Closing Ceremonies, click here.