Systems Bioinformatics: An Engineering Case-Based Approach

ISBN: 1596931248

Author(s): Gil Alterovitz and Marco R. Ramoni

Hardback, Hardbound: 398 pages; 2007; Artech House Inc.

"This book represents the state of the art in the field, it is written by a collection of researchers from all across the country. "
---Books On Line, June 2007

This first-of-its-kind book explores how the knowledge bases of various technical disciplines relate to, and are observed, in biological systems. You learn fundamental signal processing techniques that are essential to biological data analysis, including biomedical imaging and image processing, feature extraction, classification, and estimation. You gain a thorough understanding of cellular regulatory systems and their similarities to traditional control systems, protein and gene networks, inference networks, and network dynamics. The book also addresses how biology-inspired molecular structures are being used to solve engineering challenges, and how one can mimic biology’s designs in creating more robust technologies. Moreover, you discover the latest developments in proteomics, where these tools can make an immense impact due to the number, complexity, and interaction networks of proteins. A major addition under the evolving umbrella of systems biology and bioinformatics, this groundbreaking work points you to new frontiers in the convergence of engineering and biological research.

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