Text Mining for Biology and Biomedicine

ISBN: 158053984X

Author(s): Sophia Ananiadou and John McNaught

Hardbound: 302 pages; 2006; Artech House Inc.

Here’s the first focused book that puts the full range of cutting-edge biological text mining techniques and tools at your command. This comprehensive volume describes the methods of natural language processing (NLP) and their applications in the biological domain, and spells out in detail the various lexical, terminological, and ontological resources now at your disposal — and how best to utilize them. The book offers step-by-step guidance for implementing various information extraction methods for biological applications, from pattern matching and full parsing approaches to sublanguage- and ontology-driven extraction techniques. It discusses strategies to make the most of text collections and to use corpora and corpus annotation efficiently in text mining applications, and gives you tested guidelines for evaluating and optimizing text mining systems.

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