Genetics Databases

ISBN: 0121016250

Author(s): M. J. Bishop


  • M. Bishop, Introduction.
  • G. Williams, Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequence Databases.
  • R. Cotton, Phenotype, Mutation, and Genetic Linkage Databases and Their Links to Sequence Databases.
  • R. Guigo,DNA Composition, Codon Usage, and Exon Prediction. W. Taylor, Properties of Amino Acids in Sequences.
  • M. Gribskov, Sequence Comparison.
  • J. Epplen, Simple Repetitive Sequences in DNA Databanks.
  • P. Bucher, Gene Feature Identification.
  • D. Higgins, Multiple Sequence Alignment.
  • K. Triman, RNAs.
  • C. Ponting and D.J. Blake, Predicting the Evolution, Structure, and Function of Proteins from Sequence Information.
  • D. Jones, Structure Databases and Structure Alignments.
  • M. Gribskov, Bourne, Smith, Integrated Data Resource for Protein Kinases.
  • R. Baldock, Gene Expression Databases.
  • P.D. Karp, Pathways and Development.

Paperback, 320 pages; September 1999; Academic Press

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