Analysis of Microarray Data: A Network-Based Approach

ISBN: 3527318224

Author(s): Matthias Dehmer (Editor), Frank Emmert-Streib (Editor)
Hardback, 438 pages; 1 edition (April 18, 2008), 1st edition; 9.6 x 7 x 1 inches; Wiley-VCH

This book is the first to focus on the application of mathematical networks for analyzing microarray data. This method goes well beyond the standard clustering methods traditionally used.

From the contents:

* Understanding and Preprocessing Microarray Data
* Clustering of Microarray Data
* Reconstruction of the Yeast Cell Cycle by Partial Correlations of Higher Order
* Bilayer Verification Algorithm
* Probabilistic Boolean Networks as Models for Gene Regulation
* Estimating Transcriptional Regulatory Networks by a Bayesian Network
* Analysis of Therapeutic Compound Effects
* Statistical Methods for Inference of Genetic Networks and Regulatory Modules
* Identification of Genetic Networks by Structural Equations
* Predicting Functional Modules Using Microarray and Protein Interaction Data
* Integrating Results from Literature Mining and Microarray Experiments to Infer Gene Networks

The book is for both, scientists using the technique as well as those developing new analysis techniques.

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