Genomic Perl: From Bioinformatics Basics to Working Code

ISBN: 052180177X

Author(s): Rex A. Dwyer


  • The central dogma
  • RNA secondary structure
  • Comparing DNA sequences
  • Statistical models
  • Substitution matrices for amino acids
  • Sequence databases
  • Local alignment and the BLAST heuristic
  • Statistics of BLAST database searches
  • Multiple sequence alignment I
  • Multiple sequence alignment II
  • Phylogeny reconstruction
  • Protein motifs and PROSITE
  • Fragment assembly
  • Coding sequence prediction with dicodon frequencies
  • Satellite identification
  • Restriction mapping
  • Hybridization mapping
  • Genome rearrangement: gates and hurdle
  • Now what?; A. Drawing RNA cloverleaves; B. Space-saving strategies for alignment; C. A data structure for disjoint sets; D. A data structure for set operations.

Hardback, 352 pages, 100 exercises; February 2003; Cambridge University Press