Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogeny

ISBN: 0198566107

Author(s): Olivier Gascuel (Editor)


    Olivier Gascuel: Introduction

    1. Richard Desper and Olivier Gascuel: The minimum evolution distance-based approach of phylogenetic inference
    2. David Bryant, Nicolas Galtier, and Marie-Anne Poursat: Likelihood calculation in molecular phylogenetics
    3. Ziheng Yang: Bayesian inference in molecular phylogenetics
    4. Susan Holmes: Statistical approaches to test involving phylogenetics
    5. Mark Pagel and Andrew Meade: Mixture models in phylogenetic inference
    6. Michael D. Hendy: Hadamard conjugation: an analytic tool for phylogenetics
    7. Vincent Moulton and Katharina Huber: Phylogenetic networks
    8. Olivier Gascuel, Denis Bertrand, and Olivier Elemento: Recontructing the duplication history of tandemly repeated sequences
    9. David Sankoff: Conserved segment statistics and rearrangement inferences in comparative genomics
    10. Anne Bergeron, Julia Mixtacki, and Jens Stoye: The inversion distance problem
    11. Nadia El-Mabrouk: Genome rearrangement with gene families
    12. Bernard M.E. Moret, Jijun Tang, and Tandy Warnow: Reconstructing phylogenies from gene-content and gene-order data
    13. Li-San Wang and Tandy Warnow: Distance-based genome rearrangement phylogeny
    14. Elchanan Mossel and Mike Steel: How much can evolved characters tell us about the tree that generated them?

Hardback, 448 pages, Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (May 5, 2005)