Bioinformatics: Principles & Applications
Author(s): Zhumur Ghosh, Bibekanand Mallick

Paperback, 560 Pages; April 2008; Oxford University Press

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PART I: Introduction to Bioinformatics
# A Word on Bioinformatics

# PART II: Biological Databases Sequence and Molecular File Formats
# Databases in Bioinformatics – An Introduction
# Biological Sequence Databases
# Protein 3D Structure and Classification Databases

# PART III: Bio-algorithms and Tools Sequence Alignments
# Gene Prediction Methods: Principles and Challenges
# Molecular Phylogeny
# Molecular Viewers

# PART IV: Protein Modelling and Drug Design Protein Structure and Modelling
# Bioinformatics in Computer-aided Drug Design

# PART V: Modelling of Biomolecular Systems Simulation and Statistical Protocols
# Biochemical Networks

# PART VI: Bioinformatics Essentials Commercial Bio-software

Appendix I: Perspectives of Emerging Research Areas in Bioinformatics — RNAi, Epigenetics, and Stem Cells
Appendix II: Bioinformatics Database Collection with their Websites and Descriptions
Appendix III: List of Bioinformatics-related Journals
Appendix IV: Bio-companies and Bioinformatics-related Courses Available in India
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