Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

ISBN: 1-56592-664-1

Author(s): Cynthia Gibas, Per Jambeck

446 pages; April 2001; O'Reilly


    I. Introduction
  1. Biology in the Computer Age
  2. Computational Approaches to Biological Questions

    II. The Bioinformatics Workstation

  3. Setting Up Your Workstation
  4. Files and Directories in Unix
  5. Working on a Unix System

    III. Tools for Bioinformatics

  6. Biological Research on the Web
  7. Sequence Analysis, Pairwise Alignment, and Database Searching
  8. Multiple Sequence Alignments, Trees, and Profiles
  9. Visualizing Protein Structures and Computing Structural Properties
  10. Predicting Protein Structure and Function from Sequence
  11. Tools for Genomics and Proteomics

    IV. Databases and Visualization

  12. Automating Data Analysis with Perl
  13. Building Biological Databases
  14. Visualization and Data Mining