Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences

ISBN: 0521585198

Author(s): Dan Gusfield


    Part I. Exact String Matching: The Fundamental String Problem:

  1. Exact matching: fundamental preprocessing and first algorithms
  2. Exact matching: classical comparison-based methods
  3. Exact matching: a deeper look at classical methods
  4. Semi-numerical string matching

    Part II. Suffix Trees And Their Uses:

  5. Introduction to suffix trees
  6. Linear time construction of suffix trees
  7. First applications of suffix trees
  8. Constant time lowest common ancestor retrieval
  9. More applications of suffix trees

    Part III. Inexact Matching, Sequence Alignment, And Dynamic Programming:

  10. The importance of (sub)sequence comparison in molecular biology
  11. Core string edits, alignments, and dynamic programming
  12. Refining core string edits and alignments
  13. Extending the core problems
  14. Multiple string comparison: the Holy Grail
  15. Sequence database and their uses: the motherlode

    Part IV. Currents, Cousins And Cameos:

  16. Maps, mapping, sequencing and superstrings;
  17. Strings and evolutionary trees
  18. Three short topics
  19. Models of genome-level mutations

Hardback, pages 554, 145 line diagrams; 262 x 185 mm, 1.185kg ; Cambridge