Bioinformatics : Sequence, Structure, and Databanks : A Practical Approach (Practical Approach Series (Paper))


Author(s): Des Higgins (Editor), Willie Taylor (Editor)

Paperback, 270 pages, numerous line figures; September 2000; OUP


  • Threading Methods for Protein Structure Prediction
  • Comparison of Protein Three-Dimensional Structure
  • Multiple Alignments for Structural, Functional or Phylolgenetic Analyses of Homologous Sequences
  • Hidden Markov Models for Data Base Similarity Searches
  • Protein Family-Based methods for Homology Detection and Analysis
  • Predicting Secondary Structure from Protein Sequences
  • Methods for Discovering Conserved Patterns in Protein Sequences and Structures
  • Comparison of Protein Sequences and Practical Database Searching
  • Networking for the Biologist
  • SRS - Access to Molecular Biological Databanks and Integrated Data Analysis