Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data

ISBN: 0471656046

Author(s): Steen Knudsen

Table of Contents

Written for biologists and medical researchers who don't have any special training in data analysis and statistics, Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data, Second Edition begins where DNA array equipment leaves off: the image produced by the microarray. The text deals with the questions that arise starting at this point, providing an introduction to microarray technology, then moving on to image analysis, data analysis, cluster analysis, and beyond.
With all chapters rewritten, updated, and expanded to include the latest generation of technology and methods, Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data, Second Edition offers practitioners reliable information using concrete examples and a clear, comprehensible style. This Second Edition features entirely new chapters on:

  • Image analysis
  • Experiment design
  • Automated analysis, integrated analysis, and systems biology
  • Interpretation of results

Intended for readers seeking practical applications, this text covers a broad spectrum of proven approaches in this rapidly growing technology. Additional features include further reading suggestions for each chapter, as well as a thorough review of available analysis software.

Paperback: 184 pages; November 2004; John Wiley & Sons; 2nd edition