Bioinformatics: Databases and Systems

ISBN: 079238573X

Author(s): Stanley Letovsky (Editor)


    Introduction; S. Letovsky. Databases.

  1. NCBI: Integrated Data for Molecular Biology Research; K Sirotkin.
  2. Hovergen: Comparative Analysis of Homologous Vertebrate Genes; L. Duret, et al.
  3. WIT/WIT2: Metabolic Reconstruction Systems; R. Overbeek, et al.
  4. EcoCyc: The Resource and the Lessons Learned; P.D. Karp, M. Riley.
  5. KEGG: From Genes to Biochemical Pathways; M. Kanehisa.
  6. OMIM: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man; A.F. Scott, et al.
  7. GDB: Integrating Genomic Maps; S. Letovsky.
  8. HGMD: The Human Gene Mutation Database; M. Krawczak, et al.
  9. Senselab: Modeling Heterogenous Data on the Nervous System; P. Nadkarni, et al.
  10. The Mouse Genome Database and The Gene Expression Database: Genotype to Phenotype; J.T. Eppig, et al.
  11. The Edinburgh Mouse Atlas: Basic Structure and Informatics; R.A. Baldock, et al.
  12. FlyBase: Genomic and Post-Genomic Viewpoints; The FlyBase Consortium.
  13. MaizeDB: The Maize Genome Database; M. Polacco, E. Coe.
  14. AGIS: Using the Agricultural Genome Information System; S.M. Beckstrom-Sternberg, D.C. Jamison.
  15. CGSC: The E. coli Genetic Stock Center Database; M.K.B. Berlyn. Systems.
  16. OPM: Object-Protocol Model Data Management Tools '97; V.M. Markowitz, et al.
  17. BioKleisli: Integrating Biomedical Data and Analysis Packages; S.B. Davidson, et al.
  18. SRS: Analyzing and Using Data from Heterogenous Textual Databanks; P. Carter, et al.
  19. Biology Workbench: A Computing and Analysis Environment for the Biological Sciences; R. Unwin, et al.
  20. EBI: CORBA and the EBI Databases; K. Jungfer, et al.
  21. Biowidgets: Reusable Visualization Components for Bioinformatics; J. Crabtree, et al.
  22. ACEDB: The ACE Database Manager; J. Thierry-Mieg, et al. 23. LABBASE: Data and Workflow Management for Large Scale Biological Research; N. Goodman, et al.


Hardcover, 304 pages; September 15, 1999, 1st edition; Kluwer Academic Publisher