Immunological Bioinformatics

ISBN: 0262122804

Author(s): Ole Lund, Morten Nielsen, Claus Lundegaard, Can Kesmir and Søren Brunak

Using bioinformatics methods to generate a systems-level view of the immune system; description of the main biological concepts and the new data-driven algorithms.

1. Immune Systems and Systems Biology
2. Contemporary Challenges to the Immune System
3. Sequence Analysis in Immunology
4. Methods Applied in Immunological Bioinformatics
5. DNA Microarrays in Immunology
6. Prediction of Cytotoxic T Cell (MHC Class I) Epitopes
7. Antigen Processing in the MHC Class I Pathway
8. Prediction of Helper T Cell (MHC Class II) Epitopes
9. Processing of MHC Class II Epitopes
10. B Cell Epitopes
11. Vaccine Design
12. Web-Based Tools for Vaccine Design
13. MHC Polymorphism
14. Predicting Immunogenicity: An Integrative Approach

Hardback, 312 pages, The MIT Press (September 1, 2005)