Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis
Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis


Author(s): H.W. Mewes, B. Weiss, H. Seidel

Hardcover; 320 pages, 75 illus.; 2002; Springer Verlag

  • Human Genetics
  • Genotyping.
  • Bioinformatics of Membrane Proteins.
  • SNAPping up Functionally Related Genes Based on Context Information.
  • Promoter Analysis.
  • Cluster Analysis and its Applications to Gene Expression Data.
  • Statistical Methods for Analyzing Gene Expression Data for Cancer Research.
  • Structural Genomics.
  • Computational Structural Proteomics.
  • Proteomics in Biological Research.
  • The Challenge to Make Proteins Speak.
  • Construction and Prediction of Protein-Protein Interaction Maps.
  • Bioinformatics, Cellular Flows, and Simulation.
  • Graph-based Analysis of Metabolic Networks.
  • Orphan Protein Function and its Relation to Glycosylation.