Systems Biology: Properties of Reconstructed Networks

ISBN: 0521859034

Author(s): Bernhard O. Palsson



1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts in systems biology;

Part I. Reconstruction of Biochemical Networks: 3. Metabolic networks; 4. Regulatory networks; 5. Signalling networks;

Part II. Mathematical Representation of Reconstructed Networks: 6. Basic features of S; 7. Topological properties; 8. Fundamental subspaces; 9. Null space of S; 10. The left null space of S; 11. The row and column spaces of S;

Part III. Capabilities of Reconstructed Networks: 12. Dual causality; 13. Properties of solution spaces; 14. Sampling properties of solution spaces; 15. Finding functional states; 16. Parametric sensitivity; 17. Epilogue; Appendix A: nomenclature and abbreviations;

Appendix B: E. coli core metabolic network; Bibliography; Index.

Hardback, 334 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press (January 16, 2006)