Pattern Discovery in Biomolecular Data - Tools, Techniques, and Applications


Author(s): Jason T. L. Wang, Bruce A. Shapiro, and Dennis Shasha

Hardback, 272 pages, numerous halftones and line figures; December 1999; 234mm x 156mm; OUP


    Part I. Finding Patterns in Sequence

  1. Discovering Patterns in DNA Sequences by the Algorithmic Significance Method (Aleksandar Milosavljevic)
  2. Assembling Blocks (Jorja G. Henikoff)
  3. MEME, MAST, and Meta-MEME: New Tools for Motif Discovery in Protein Sequences (Timothy L. Bailey et al.)
  4. Pattern Discovery and Classification in Biosequences (Jason T. L. Wang et al.)

    Part II. Finding Patterns in 3D Structures

  5. Motif Discovery in Protein Structure Databases (Janice Glasgow, Evan Steeg, and Suzanne Fortier)
  6. Systematic Detection of Protein Structural Motifs (Kentaro Tomii and Minoru Kanehisa)
  7. Representation and Matching of Small Flexible Molecules in Large Databases of 3D Molecular Information (Isidore Rigoutsos et al.)

    Part III. System Components for Discovery

  8. A Framework for Biological Pattern Discovery on Networks of Workstations (Bin Li, Dennis Shasha, and Jason T. L. Wang)
  9. Discovering Concepts in Structural Data (Diane J. Cook, Lawrence B. Holder, and Gehad Galal)
  10. Overview: A System for Tracking and Managing the Results from Sequence Comparison Programs (David P. Yee et al.)
  11. RNA Structure Analysis: A Multifaceted Approach (Bruce A. Shapiro et al.)