Neural Networks and Genome Informatics

Neural Networks and Genome Informatics

ISBN: 0080428002

Author(s): Cathy H. Wu, Jerry W. McLarty

Hardcover, 220 pages; September 2000; Elsevier Science


  1. Neural Networks for Genome Informatics

    PART II. Neural Network Foundations.

  2. Neural Network Basics.
  3. Perceptrons and Multilayer Perceptrons.
  4. Other Common Architectures.
  5. Training of Neural Networks

    PART III. Genome Informatics Applications.

  6. Design Issues - Feature Presentation.
  7. Design Issues - Data Encoding.
  8. Design Issues - Neural Networks.
  9. Applications - Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis.
  10. Applications - Protein Structure Prediction.
  11. Applications - Protein Sequence Analysis.

    PART IV. Open Problems and Future Directions.

  12. Integration of Statistical Methods into Neural Network Applications.
  13. Future of Genome Informatics Applications

    Author Index.
    Subject Index.