Essential Bioinformatics

ISBN: 0521600820

Author(s): Jin Xiong



Part I. Introduction and Biological Databases:
1. Introduction; 2. Introduction to biological databases;

Part II. Sequence Alignment: 3. Pairwise sequence alignment; 4. Database similarity search; 5. Multiple sequence alignment;
6. Profiles and hidden Markov models; 7. Protein motifs and patterns;

Part III. Gene and Promoter Prediction: 8. Gene prediction; 9. Promoter and regulatory element prediction;

Part IV. Molecular Phylogenetics: 10. Phylogenetics basics; 11. Phylogenetic tree construction methods and programs;

Part V. Protein Structure Basics: 12. Protein structure basics; 13. Protein structure visualization, comparison and classification;
14. Protein secondary structure prediction; 15. Protein tertiary structure prediction; 16. RNA structure prediction;

Part VI. Genomics and Proteomics: 17. Genome mapping, assembly and comparison; 18. Functional genomics;
19. Proteomics; Practical exercises; Glossary

Hardback, 352 pages, Publisher: Cambridge University Press (March 13, 2006)