JPIPE, A pipeline module for JEMBOSS

Alex Garcia1, Leyla J. Garcia2, Mark A. Ragan, Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, Institute for Molecular Bioscience;, U. de la Sabana

We present an application (JPIPE) that allows EMBOSS users to build analysis pipelines under the JEMBOSS GUI (Graphic User Interface). We are developing a flexible workflow system that complements JEMBOSS, providing the user with some pipeline and tracking capabilities. A tracking system is a part of JPIPE so the user is able to recreate pipelines, compare results at a particular point of the workflow and administer ongoing jobs. Sets of steps in analysis are considered protocols. The GUI for administering the different predefined tasks is designed as a friendly dynamic menu that allows users to define protocols; a drag and drop system will be added in order to increase functionality; we are also working.