Prediction of a full length gene from partial sequence

Chung, Myungguen1, Cho, Sooyoung2, Ban, hyojeong ; Kim, hyun and Lee Youngseek, Hanyang University;, Hanyang University

We obtained 3’ end partial sequences of a cDNA library which was constructed from developmental stage of brain tissue in mouse. We could not find any homologous sequence in the ‘nr’ database by using BLAST. For, finding a full length gene a partial sequence fragment, each of sequence was matched to mouse whole genome by using BLAT, and then, 50Kbase 5’ upstream region of matched sequence was extracted from mouse whole genome. Genes which are predicted GENSCAN from 50Kbase are compared with several full length cDNA library databases. With this method, we predicted completed full length genes from partial sequence and cloned full length genes by using a predicted sequence.