The Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server

Alexander Sczyrba1, Jan Krueger2, Robert Giegerich, Bielefeld University, Germany;, Bielefeld University, Germany

The Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server (BiBiServ),, supports Internet-based collaborative research and education in bioinformatics. Currently, 15 software tools and various educational media are available.

Bioinformatics Tools
A web service like BiBiServ allows to distribute current bioinformatics tools to the public, independent of the operating system and the (software-technical) experience of the user. The user needs a browser and Internet access. Interaction with the tools is moderated by a web interface, providing user guidance and requiring only a minimum of special skills (e.g. knowledge of input formats, parameters, etc.). The BiBiServ tool section currently contains bioinformatics tools from five different areas:

Educational Media
Bioinformatics is a fast and dynamic field. While methods and resources agglomerate, a continuous stream of newcomers is entering the field. Most academic bioinformatics curricula have started only recently. The integration of knowledge from biology and computer science requires a significant educational effort. The BiBiServ Media & Distance-Education section supports teaching in bioinformatics with internet-based multimedia courses. Currently there are four online courses and tutorials available on BiBiServ: