Bio-Linux: An integrated bioinformatics solution for the EG community

Dan Swan1, Bela Tiwari2, Dawn Field;

Bio-Linux is an integrated, bioinformatics-centred, research platform. By providing both standard favourite and cutting edge bioinformatics tools on a Linux-based system, it combines the benefits of being powerful, configurable, and easily updateable, with the ease of use and potential for software integration required for the handling and analysis of biological data. Bio-Linux gives biologists access to many bioinformatics programs and packages in a user-friendly computing environment. Bio-Linux makes it easy to get started working on the Linux platform by offering a custom designed version of Linux based on the stable and well developed RedHat Distribution. Thus, in addition to the core set of bioinformatics tools, Bio-Linux also contains all the security features and a wide range of general development tools (programming languages, compilers, MySQL, etc) common on Linux machines.