Vector PathBlazer: A New Pathway Analysis And Visualization Tool

Valery Reshetnikov1, Artur Karpov2, David Pot, Feodor Tereshchenko, InforMax;, InforMax

Vector PathBlazer is a bioinformatics tool, providing the ability to build, visualize and analyze biological pathways, using metabolic and protein-protein interaction data from multiple sources. Combining publicly maintained reaction information from KEGG, DIP, and BIND, and an easy-to-use interface for adding proprietary pathways data, Vector PathBlazer helps researchers discover and illuminate novel biological relationships across previously unconnected databases. Vector PathBlazer also displays gene expression data in the context of biological pathways, using output of almost any gene expression analysis software tool. Moreover, each component in a pathway can be annotated, so interacting proteins and genes can be viewed in the context of their sequences, using InforMax's sequence analysis software, Vector NTI Advance, or other, web-based resources. Vector PathBlazer allows integration of metabolic pathway and protein-protein interaction data from KEGG, DIP and BIND in a common XML format; easy import of proprietary pathway data; storage of components, reactions and pre-assembled pathways separately in a database and assembly of all potential networks across heterogeneous data sources; interactive construction of pathways and protein-protein interactions in a stepwise manner, using an intuitive graphical interface and powerful query and filter options; annotation on all levels; import and mapping of gene expression data; creation, visualization, editing and storage of proprietary reactions and hypothetical pathways. Further information is available at