GENA - Genomics Array Database

Gavin Kennedy1, CSIRO

Genomics is the practice of analysing genomes to identify genes significant in the growth and development of organisms, as well as understanding the factors and mechanisms that control gene expression. The knowledge gained can be used in breeding or expression control to improve the organism's disease resistance or adapt characteristics in the organism that are important to agriculture, the environment and industry.

DNA Microarrays are an important genomics tool that can identify the expression of several thousand genes at once. Expression profiles for genes can then be determined and analysed, as individuals or as sets of genes. Massive volumes of data are generated from Microarray experiments because a single Microarray scan can quantify the expression levels of thousands of genes and gene fragments.

Microarray and Experiment Data
The GENA Genomics Array database stores and maintains the data generated by the Microarray process as well as information related to the experimental conditions and the biological samples used. This includes: Data Analysis
GENA provides structured queries to extract meaningful data that can be further analysed. These queries support comparative analysis of gene expression ratios, across genes, slides, experiments and sets of experiments. GENA facilitates the use packages such as the CMIS tRMA toolset to perform analysis, normalisation and identification of differentially expressed genes.

GENA Development
The development of GENA has been a collaborative effort between CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, CSIRO Plant Industry and GrainGene. It is currently implemented by CSIRO Plant Industry to support Plant Genomics and as a general repository for the CSIRO Bioinformatics Facility.

Contact Details
Please contact the GENA development team;
Ph: 02-6246-4929