ISAWB : a Windows-based Integrated Workbench for Managing Sequence Information in Small Scale

Hongseok Tae1, Hyeweon Nam2, Daesang Lee, Kiejung Park, Dept. of Microbiology, Kyungpook National University;, Information Technology Institute, SmallSoft Co., Ltd.

We have developed eleven module tools suggested by a Korean MOST project while each module is composed of a few objects, for reusability. For developing a practical and useful program, database features are added to manage sequence, annotation data, and information created from both input and analysis modules. The program (ISAWB:Integrated Sequence Analysis WorkBench) is a small workbench on Windows system for managing sequence data and analyzing them to get processed information with Windows GUI. The MOST project suggested eleven features (restriction site analysis, proteolytic site analysis, vector sequence masking, complementary sequence conversion, sequence translation, homology analysis using BLAST, dot plot analysis, codon usage analysis, GC content analysis, primer design, and hydrophobicity analysis) and all of them are implemented in the program. The modules were implemented to a C++ classes with standard C++ codes and archived into DLL files. As the function of each module needs user interface, each GUI is also implemented with VisualC++ 6.0 specific features, which are not sharable in other programs utilizing the module classes. Database schema contains tables not only for input sequence and related annotation data but also for analysis results generated from the analysis modules. MS AccessDB is used as a DB engine and database management is implemented with VisualC++ functions. ISAWB will be improved in interface and extend it to contain multialignment and phylogenetic analysis features which are under development in another project.