SDPS: Small Disulphide-bonded Proteins Structural database

Lesheng Kong1, Shoba Ranganathan2, National University of Singapore;, National University of Singapore

Small Disulphide-bonded Proteins (SDP) is a special class of proteins including varieties of small proteins, such as insulin, inhibitors, toxins, etc. They are abundant resources for therapeutic drugs, insecticides and good candidates for protein-protein interaction research. Their small sizes and complex disulphide connectivities make them distinct from large globular proteins. Therefore, many tradition methods are not working well on SDP, such as some molecular modeling and structure alignment methods. The special features of SDP require specialized application and dataset. The comprehensive SDPS database aims to facilitate the research on small disulphide-bonded proteins and disulphide connectivity. The database is implemented as an extensible relational database with a user-friendly web interface. It integrates sequence, structure, and function information of small disulphide-bonded proteins. The data were mainly collected from PDB database. A number of new features were extracted and calculated especially on disulphide connectivity features, which cannot be easily accessed through public databases. SDPS database can be accessed freely at