Submission tools for EMBL-Bank, EMBL-Align and SWISS-PROT databases

Vincent Lombard1, Mary ann Tuli, Robert Vaughan, Minna Lehvaslaiho, Weimin Zhu and Rolf Apweiler, EBI

Webin, Webin-Align and SPIN are the web-based tools for submitting nucleotide sequences, nucleotide sequence alignments and protein sequences respectively to EMBL-Bank, EMBL-Align, or SWISS-PROT databases. These tools guide you through a sequence of WWW forms allowing interactive submission. All the information required to create a database entry is collected during this process.
Webin is the submission tool for nucleotide sequences and their biological annotation information to EMBL-Bank. Webin is designed to allow fast submission of single or multiple numbers of nucleotide sequences. Auto generated templates allow submitters of bulk submissions to enter their data with minimal effort.
Due to the increasing demand for storage of alignment data, the EBI has created the EMBL-Align database. Alignments are made available via both the SRS server and the EBI FTP server in an alignment flat file format. Webin-Align is the dedicated web-based submission tool for submission of multiple sequence alignments to EMBL-Align database. It accepts all common alignment formats such as Clustal, Nexus (interleaved), NBSF/PIR, GCG/MSF and Phylip.
SPIN is a new web-based submission tool currently under testing for the SWISS-PROT protein database. It is designed to allow scientists to submit directly sequenced proteins with functional annotations. SPIN allows fast submissions of single, multiple or large numbers of protein sequences. It will soon replace the currently used email submission form and will make the submission process easier, faster and more accurate.
All submission tools can be accessed freely at