An integrative searchable database for Bioinformatics tools, algorithms and software: pBIRD

Sumeet Muju1, Catherine Campbell2, KaiIng Chow Yang Fann, NIH-NINDS;, NIH-NINDS

The overwhelming flood of new bioinformatics programs, tools and algorithms used to store, manage, and analyze data generated from genomic and proteomic experiments makes it difficult for end-users to choose the proper tools and methods for pre and post wet lab data handling. pBIRD (Public BIoinformatics Resources Database) is a fully searchable web based system designed to identify, catalog and describe a broad range of available bioinformatics software. The pBIRD database system is designed to store, track and retrieve information associated with and about bioinformatics software products. Users can submit information and annotations about new software tools in a standardized format, or query the database to retrieve information about specific software tools. Entries are categorized by the submitter into discipline and function for easy browsing and comparison of tools with similar functionality. The moderators will contribute additional links to the database as information becomes available from a variety of outside sources. pBIRD submissions are moderated to ensure that only quality information is made available for future retrieval. The moderators will authenticate links and invalid links will be removed from the database. The database will released though a variety of listserves and registered through several popular internet search engines. Availability: Queries and submissions are accessible through the NINDS website at