Development of SCAR marker for the Discrimination of Bang-Poong species of Herbal Medicine

Mi Young Lee1, Byong Seob Ko2, Seong Mi Hong, Jung Eun Kim, Sung Jin Lee, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine;, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

Traditional taxonomic methods of herbal medicine identification that rely primarily on morphological observations cannot be used efficiently when only powdered plant materials are available. Thus, our objectives were to determine if we could apply a molecular approach to development of SCAR marker from RAPD analysis. The test materials included samples from three species each of the genera Saposhinikovia divaricata, P. terebinthaceum and Glehnia littoralis. Characteristic profiles produced with RAPD primer could distinguish the three species and produced similar result from dried material, also. We could find three molecular marker that The species-specific DNA fragments were identified, it can be applied to SCAR marker when herbal medicine material is available for authentification. This methodology can be applied to identify species of commercial material from herbal medicine market.