Identifying and genetic relationships within the Arisaema determined using microsatellite markers

Byong Seob Ko1, Mi Young Lee2, Seong Jin Lee, Jeong Eun Kim, Seong Mi Hong, Young seung Ju, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine;, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine

Molecular markers provide the best effects of genetic identification since they are independent of the confounding effects of environmental factors. In combination with oligonucleotides of arbitrary sequence, 5' anchored oligonucleotides based on simple sequence repeats were used in PCR to produce Arisaema DNA fingerprints. The aim of this work was to determine the genetic nature of polymorphisms, and to investigate the efficacy of identification contained in genetic marker between four species. Twelve combinations of primers containing either (GA)8, (AGAG)4, and (ACTG)4 were selected on the basis of number and intensity of scorable bands. Microsatellites technique was successfully used for the quick identification of Arisaema.