Towards the Bovine Ensembl

Sean M. McWilliam1, Wes Barris2, Brian P. Dalrymple, CSIRO Livestock Industries, Brisbane, Australia;, CSIRO Livestock Industries, Brisbane, Australia

The full sequencing of the bovine genome is likely to be under way towards the end of 2003. In preparation for this we are establishing an annotation pipeline for the genomic sequences and have decided to use the Ensembl database schema and interface for the storage and visualisation of the data. The cow Ensembl will provide the core of the CLI bioinformatics system linking together the other data bases. The basic structure has been established. Initially we have concentrated on linking the model mRNAs from our SNP database, IBISS, and displaying the results of the annotation of small and microRNAs The current state of progress will be described in more detail, together with examples. The cow Ensembl will also be available on the public CSIRO Livestock Industries genomics website