LION Target Engine 1.0: an Enterprise Platform for Target Identification and Validation

S. Bernauer, Z. Bilkic, N. Bojunga, T. Brostroem, D. Croft, N. Delhomme, A. Denagbe, L. Ehrlich, K. Fries, C. Girardot, M. Goeschl, M. Gumbel, J. Hermanns, C. Kaestner, C. Katz, U. Keck, H.-P. Keck, R. Kern, G. Kurapkat, P. Lederer, D. Leon, S. Marcel, S. Markel, B. Markus, J.E.M. Meyer, E. Minch, J. Mistry, C. Muench, S. I O'Donoghue1, C. Ohr, S. Richter, H.-J. Roemming, R. Russ, S. Schaefer, A. Schafferhans, T. Schlegl, T. Schlueter, A. Schmidt, O. Schmidt, D. Schulz, A. Sooky, A. Sergienko, F. Spangenberg, J. Suckow, B. Sulzer, C. Suter-Crazzolara, A. Tarasenko, E. Vatcheva, H. Voss, M. Weindel, G. Zhang, LION bioscience AG, Waldhoferstr. 98, 69123 Germany

LION Target Engine: an Enterprise Platform for Target Validation LION Target EngineTM is a user-friendly system designed to streamline the identification and validation of targets in an enterprise environment. The system is comprised of several integrated components:

LION Target Engine provides an intuitive and flexible user interface for browsing, searching, and organizing information about targets. For each gene or sequence, the user can open a ‘Summary Sheet’, a graphical component from which the user can easily navigate to all data in the system related to a given target. Summary Sheets greatly facilitate data sharing, as data created by one user (target annotations, signalling pathways, etc.) can be immediately visible to other users.

The user interface allows easy access to the most needed data simply by browsing, hence largely avoiding the need to manually launch database queries. However, LION Target Engine also provides sophisticated query methods for expert users.

LION Target Engine is implemented within LION DiscoveryCenterTM, a system for integrating data and application. Client components and client-server interfaces are based on enterprise Java, while data access is based on SRS (for about 60 public domain databases) and Oracle (for user-defined data). Further information about LION Target Engine, LION DiscoveryCenter, and SRS is at