In-Silico View of the Proteome Dynamics of the Eukaryote Cell Cycle

Thomas Skøt Jensen1, Ulrik de Lichtenberg2, Lars Juhl Jensen, Anders Fausbøll and Søren Brunak, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis;, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis

The gene repertoire driving the eukaryotic cell cycle has recently been investigated using DNA microarray techniques leading to large-scale identification of periodically expressed transcripts. By integrating protein feature information with these temporal microarray data, we demonstrate that co-expressed, periodic genes encode proteins which share combinations of features, and provide an overview of the proteome dynamics during the cycle. Many of the significant temporal patterns observed in feature space can be directly related to established knowledge and subphases of the cell cycle. The yeast analysis is to appear in JMB (Protein Feature Based Identification of Cell Cycle Regulated Proteins in Yeast, J. Mol. Biol.), and a similar bioinformatics method is under development for human cell cycle regulated genes. For further details, see: