Poster Session Information
2004 SGI Poster Winners

The SGI Poster winners are:

  • Anders Fausbøll: Feature Plots: Visualizing System Dynamics in Cyclic Processes
  • Julie Morrison: Search Engine Technology for Microarray Expression Data
  • Nadia Anwar: Taxonomy, Biology’s first ontology, and the Tree of Life, Biology’s grandest endeavour
  • Meelis Kull: Sub-quadratic method for finding most similar pairs of genes and fast approximate hierarchical clustering
  • Ariel Jaimovich: Learning an Integrated Probabilistic Protein-Protein Interaction Map
  • Henning Hermjakob: The HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative
  • Yizhar Lavner: Codon Bias Is a Factor in Regulating Expression via Translation Efficiency in the Human Genome
  • Thomas Meinel: The SYSTERS Protein Family Database
  • Ilan Wapinski: Evolution of paralogous gene regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Zarrin Minuchehr: Global Propensity of amino acids in Prion Proteins
Accepted Posters by Category

The accepted posters and abstracts are available for viewing on-line. Each poster is numbered with a letter and then an odd or even number. The poster sessions as outlined below are divided by odd and even numbered posters. Authors will be present at their posters during the times listed below depending on the poster number assigned on the list.

To view the list of accepted posters, click here.

Poster Presentation
Posters are required to be displayed throughout the conference. Please ensure that the posters are placed on the boards on the second day of the conference (Sunday 1 August, 2004). Poster authors are required to be available for presentation of your poster during the scheduled poster sessions:
Sunday 1 August, 2004 10:40-18:00 All posters set up (poster must be set by 18:00).
Sunday 1 August, 2004 18:00-20:30 Poster Session 1 (Odd numbered (A-1, A-3 ..) posters presented. (Authors are required to be present).
Monday 2 August, 2004 18:00-20:30 Poster Session 2 (Even numbered (A-2, A-4 ..) posters presented. (Authors are required to be present).
Posters authors of ODD posters (A-1, A-3 ..) will present on Sunday 1 August while EVEN posters (A-2, A-4…) will be presented on Monday 2 August.
Poster Guidelines

In order to efficiently communicate the results of your research to the viewers, you are kindly requested to devote considerable effort in the design of your poster. Please pay attention to details by carefully following the guidelines hereby outlined. There will be cash awards for the top 10 poster presentations.

  • The dimensions of your poster should not exceed 90cm across x 170cm in length.
  • Avoid putting too much material and text on the poster.
  • The heading should have letters at least 35mm high listing the title of the paper, authors, institution and its location. If necessary, please shorten the heading. The board of your poster will be numbered and viewers will find your poster according to the title of your submitted abstract and number as stated in the final programme.
  • Lettering for text and illustrations should be at least 10mm high, or typed with a bulletin typewriter.
  • Divide your poster into Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions. Each of these sections should be numbered in sequence with numbers 35mm high to guide the reader through the poster.
  • The introduction should contain 3 to 5 telegraphic sentences outlining essential information necessary to understand the study and why it was done.
  • The objectives of the study, the questions to be asked or the hypothesis to be tested should be clearly stated in as few words as possible.
  • Outline your methods briefly, provide reference to previous methods and details only for new methods or important modifications of older ones.
  • Results should be presented as graphs or tables. They should be self-explanatory and therefore please provide a clear legend including symbols. You may also want to provide an interpretation of the results below each panel.
  • The discussion (if necessary) and conclusions should be succinctly stated on large type. Many viewers read this first, hence it should be easy to understand
  • Your poster will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference. The poster should be put up no later than 11 am on the first day of the conference. There will be two poster sessions, and you are asked to be present at your poster for the duration of the session your poster is scheduled for.
  • Poster prizes will be awarded to the best posters displayed at the conference. This will be determined using a ballot system of all conference participants.
  • Poster prizes have been generously sponsored by SGI.
  • Prizes will be awarded at 14:50 on Wednesday, 4 August.
Conference Registration

If you have not yet registered for the conference please do so at