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Job Detail

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Lab of Dr. Richard Kriwacki
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Kriwacki lab is interested in understanding how conformational flexibility and structural disorder contribute to self-organization of macromolecules within biomolecular condensates that mediate a broad range of biological processes. In one new research area, we seek to understand how fusion oncogenes disrupt the homeostasis of biomolecular condensates in cancer. We use an integrative approach, involving a combination of cell and molecular biology, biophysical, and live and fixed cell imaging techniques, coupled with computational methods, to determine how the composition and material properties of cancer-associated biomolecular condensates mediate altered function (e.g., altered gene expression). We seek applications from talented candidates interested in contributing to the rapidly expanding field of biomolecular condensates, with special emphasis on the role of phase separation in cancers driven by fusion oncogenes.


The successful candidates will have a PhD degree in cell and/or molecular biology or a related field, with a strong background in characterization of chromatin organization and gene expression using large-scale techniques such as ChIP-seq, ATAC-Seq, HiC, RNA-seq, etc.

Job Information

Start Dates: 0000-00-00

Duration: NA

Status: Open

Contact Information

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Structural Biology

How To Apply:

Email CV to postdoc@stjude.org and mention that you are applying via the ISCB Careers Center