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Job Detail

microbiome + protein structure and function bioinformatics research associate
Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University

The main objective for the role is to build and maintain a consistent and extensible computational framework and database for structural and functional annotation of microbial genomes, and metagenomes. Depending on interests, it will be extended to work on other biological (e.g protein-protein interactions, virtual screening) or computational problems related to the volume and living character of the data (e.g. perpetual clustering, novelty detection, data classification and visualization).
The work will be carried out as a part of the Microbiome Immunity Project. The role will be exclusively computational but with significant implications for experimental applications.


* hold a Masters degree in computer science or a similar field, or hold a PhD degree in a quantitative field such as biology, bioinformatics, physics, mathematics or computer science,
* have excellent written and oral communication skills in English,
* have expertise in at least one programming language (esp. Python),
* have documented experience in test-driven software development,
* have a collaborative mindset,
* enjoy interdisciplinary work,
* understand the importance of communication,
* have a track record of published research,
* have experience in data science, structural biology, or computer-aided drug design,
* have an active interest in microbiome research

Job Information

Start Dates: October 01, 2019

Duration: Full Time

Status: Open

Contact Information

Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University
Tomasz Kosciolek

How To Apply:

Please send an email with a subject line “research associate” to work@tomaszlab.org