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Job Detail

Postdoctoral Researcher in phylogenomics.
Life Sciences Department. Barcelona Supercomputing Centre

The Computational Genomics group (www.cgenomics.org), led by ICREA professor Toni Gabaldón, is looking for a highly motivated researcher with a PhD to work in Phylogenomics and Comparative genomics of eukaryotes. The project will be centered on the use of comparative genomics, bioinformatics, and evolutionary approaches order to answer biologically relevant questions in the context of how eukaryotic genomes evolve. These questions will be solved using complex phylogenomic pipelines and the analyses of thousands of available genome sequences. The successful candidate will address central questions such as the role of hybridization and horizontal gene transfer in the origin and evolution of eukaryotic traits. hThe candidate will join a dynamic research group within the Life Sciences department. The researcher will work in a sophisticated HPC environment and will have access to systems and computational infrastructures. Priority will be given to highly motivated and proactive candidates with the ambition to develop their career in the field of computational genomics.


Doctor degree in Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer Sciences or equivalent. Programming skills in python, R, or similar.

Job Information

Start Dates: December 01, 2019

Duration: Full Time

Status: Open

Contact Information

Life Sciences Department. Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
Toni Gabaldón (toni.gabaldon@bsc.es)


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