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Job Detail

Assistant/associate professor in bioinformatics/computational biology
Wageningen University

Wageningen University has a vacancy for a tenure track position, in which you can develop your own research group and eventually grow to the level of personal professor. Your research should connect method development to application, be relevant for plant, animal or microbial biotechnology, and complement the current expertise in the group. Relevant areas include (but are not limited to) metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics and phenomics. You strive to become an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and supervisor in bioinformatics, teaching at the BSc, MSc and PhD level in topics ranging from data analysis to (molecular) biology.


You should have some years of experience in academia after obtaining a PhD degree, with relevant background to build on. A successfully completed academic study (MSc level, recognized in the Netherlands) and a PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology or a comparable discipline are required. Direct experience with research in plants, animals and/or microbes and with applications in food and agriculture is not needed, but you should be willing to focus your work on these domains and have a vision on how your research and teaching will contribute. You should also demonstrate knowledge of and expertise in programming, software engineering and bioinformatics algorithm development.

Job Information

Start Dates: October 01, 2019

Duration: Full Time

Status: Open

Contact Information

Wageningen University
Bioinformatics Group
Dick de Ridder

How To Apply:

I am available at ISMB/ECCB2019 for discussion, please send an e-mail to get in touch. More information and an online application form can be found online at this URL: https://www.wur.nl/en/Jobs/Vacancies/Show/Tenure-track-assistantassociate-professor-in-Bioinformatics-or-Computational-Biology.htm