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Job Detail

DevOps Engineer
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

This team member will be expected to make sure that CCDL software is available and as cost effective as possible. The DevOps engineer will need to be able to select the most appropriate approach for the challenge at hand: some CCDL software will be primarily user facing, while other software will perform computationally intensive processing of large collections of data.

The CCDL position will provide the DevOps engineer with the opportunity to design, implement, and deploy data-processing systems as well as systems that enable the user-guided analysis and interpretation of large-scale datasets.



• Work with other developers to improve the scalability of back end services.

• Develop and deploy software solutions for diverse problems to compute infrastructure.

• Write clean, maintainable source code.


• Experience with the collection of activities now coming to be known as "DevOps".

• Experience with Docker or other containerization technology or cloud workflows.

• Expertise in or the ability to transition to Python.

• BA/BS in computer science, software engineering, other related majors, or equivalent work experience.

Job Information

Start Dates: 0000-00-00

Duration: Full Time

Status: Open

Contact Information

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
Childhood Cancer Data Lab
Casey Greene

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