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Job Detail

Postdoc in AI + OMICS + Drug Discovery
Michigan State University

The Bin Chen Laboratory uses big data and artificial intelligence to discover new or better therapeutic candidates. Our postdoctoral fellow will help refine the models and translate these data points into therapeutics. In addition, the successful candidate is expected to lead or assist with any of the following projects: (1) developing deep learning and transfer learning algorithms to discover novel therapeutics and transfer knowledge between preclinical and clinical model,  (2) developing interpretable machine learning methods to predict drug-induced gene expression profiles, and (3) developing deep reinforcement learning models in lead optimization.


PhD in bioinformatics, willing to work with computer scientists to develop models and bench scientists to validate drug hits. The candidate could be strong in either biology or bioinformatics. The candidates interested in AlphaFold are more than welcome to apply.

Job Information

Start Date: 0000-00-00

Duration: Full Time

Status: Open

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Michigan State University

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