Poster Presentations

  • Poster will be available for viewing throughout the conference. There is one scheduled poster session this year, Saturday, December 1 from 6:15pm to 8:15pm. Poster Presenters should be available for presentation during the scheduled poster session.
  • There will be no pre-assigned poster boards, please place your poster on any available boards in the Room.
  • The poster board dimensions are
    4' high x 6' wide. Tacks will be provided
    for securing your poster to the board.
POSTER SESSION - One Session only
November 30, 2007
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Presenter/author set up posters
December 01, 2007
6:15 pm to 8:15 pm
Poster Session with presenter/author
December 02, 2007
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Presenter/author remove posters

Rocky Conference Coordinator
Stephanie Hagstrom


Poster Presentations
(Listed in alphabetical order by presenter's last name)

>>A complete listing of the Posters Abstracts (.pdf) is located here.

Ahmad, Shandar

DNA-binding Affinity Scale for Amino Acids from Experimental Binding Data

Andrabi, Munazah
Base-specific Prediction of DNA-binding Sites in Proteins

Baenziger, Peter
Computational Examination of Gain and Loss of Phosphorylation Consensus Sites in Cancer

Bernsel, Andreas
Deciphering Transmembrane Helix Recognition by the ER Translocon

Bjork, Kathe
Systematic Order Dependent Effect in Affymetrix GeneChips

Bose, Promita
Selecting a Scoring Matrix

Bottoms, Christopher
Advancing X-ray Crystallography via Protein Structure Prediction

Boyce, Richard
Designing Consensus-degenerate Hybrid Oligonucleotide PCR
Primers for Identifying Novel Genes and Unknown Pathogens Using
the New iCODEHOP System

Brückner, Bernd
A New Attempt to Stimulus Related Data Analysis by
Structured Neural Networks

Caporaso, J Gregory
Evaluating Coevolution Detection Methods on Protein
Alpha Helices.

Chung, Yoojin and and Cho, Sang-Young
Mobile Software for Blood Glucose Monitoring and Management

Cohn, Judith
Analysis of Highly Conserved Functional Sites Predicted by Dynamics Perturbation Analysis (DPA)

Collyda, Chrysa
Profile Fuzzy Hidden Markov Models for Phylogenetic
Analysis and Protein Classification

Cromar, Graham
Assembling the Interactome of Human Extracellular Matrix to Understand
its Role in Health and Disease

Cui, Xiangqin
Consistency Assessment Among Multiple Probe Sets Interrogating the
Same Gene on the Affymetrix MOE430 GeneChip

Edwards, Robert A.
The RAST Servers -- Public Resources for high Quality Genome and
Metagenome Annotation

Gans, Jason
Gold in the Slag Heap: Identifying Constraints on Horizontal Gene Transfer

Gans, Jason
Thermonucleotideblast: A Tool for Improved Assay-Dependent Searching of Nucleic Acid Sequence Databases

Gonedelé Bi, Sery
Evolution of Trypanosoma Brucei Gambiense and T. b. Rhodesiense Based
on Expressed Sequence Tags

Gonzalez, Graciela
Knowledge Integration for Gene Target Selection

Guerra, Concettina
Shape Contexts for Protein Binding Site Recognition

Han, Lianyi
Classification Analysis of HIV RNase H Bioassay

Herbert, Katherine
A Support Vector Machine Method to Classify Enzyme Modulators

Kannan, Sriram
Universal Geometrical Code in Proteomics

Kernytsky, Andrew
Genetic Algorithms Select Protein Features Most Predictive of
Enzyme Function

King, Brian
Semi-supervised Learning for Protein Sequence Classification

Leaman, Robert
BANNER: A Portable, Open-source, Biomedical Named Entity
Recognition System

Lee, Byungkook
Accuracy of Structure-based Sequence Alignment of Automatic Methods

McInerney, James
Detecting Reassortment in Influenza Viruses

Mooney, Sean
Automated Analysis of Viral Integration Sites in Gene Therapy Research
Using the SeqMap Web Resource

O'Connell, Mary
Molecular Evolution of Mammalian Imprinted Genes: Testing the Theories

Ogren, Philip
ClearTK: A Framework for Statistical Biomedical Language Processing

Okoror, Lawrence
Gene Sequence Analysis of a Newly Isolated Lassa Virus Strain

Pawley, Norma
Metabolic Analysis of Tumor Progression

Pounds, Stanley

Reference Normalization Improves the Accuracy of Copy Number Analysis

Reuland, Steven
In vitro Functional Analysis of E. coli Photolyase Guided by Computational Coevolutionary Inferences

Reyon, Deepak
Combining Structural Modeling, Evolutionary Information, and
Machine Learning to Improve Prediction of Nucleic Acid Binding Sites in Telomerase

Riva, Alberto
High-throughput Annotation of Genomic Datasets with Genephony

Sandie, Reatha
Computational Analysis of Outer Membrane Proteins from Mycobacterium

Shematorova, Elena (cancelled)
Expression Profile of Human PMS2-Like Genes: Bioinformatic and
Experimental Studies

Shpakovski, George (cancelled)
Molecular Evolution of Human PMS2 Gene Family and its Possible Biological Implications

Sivaraman, Karthikeyan
SNP Analysis Reveals a Role for Polymorphisms in Evolution of
Staphylococcal Pathogenicity

Siwo, Geoffrey
Upstream Molecular Signatures of Constitutively expressed Genes in P. Falciparum

Su, Jiun (cancelled)
Dimension Reduction in Association Study between Polymorphisms and the Response to Montelukast in Asthma

Taylor, Todd
Protein Structural Domain Assignment with a Delaunay Tessellation Derived Lattice

Taylor, Todd
Statistics of the Geometry and Topology of Real and Model Protein Structures

Tipney, Hannah
Combining Interaction and Expression Data to Identify Context-Specific
Gene Sub-Networks

Tong, Tiejun
Minimax Estimation of Means with Applications to Microarray

Velasquez, Elinor
Bayesian Networks for Genome Expression: A Bayesian Statistical
Approach to Modeling Gene Regulatory Pathways in Human Placental
Microarray Data

Viklund, Håkan
Improving Topology Preciction Accuracy by Adding Reentrnat Regions
to the Topological Grammar

Wilkes, Jonathan
Phylogenetic Analysis of Protein Phosphatases of the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium Falciparum