Sponsored by the International Society for Computational Biology

Conference Co-chair: Lawrence Hunter, Ph.D., Director, Center for Computational Pharmacology, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Conference Co-chair: Stephen C. Billups, University of Colorado at Denver


Rocky 1 Presentations

Available presentations are linked from the title

Presenter Title
Invited Speakers

Lisa Cannon-Albright

The Prospects, Problems and Power of Large Genealogical/Medical Databases--the Utah Example
Walter Fontana The Biology of Information (ppt)
Larry Hunter The Role of Community in Computational Biology (ppt)
Marcella McClure (slides unavailable) Characterization of Retroid Agents in the Human Genome: An Automated Approach
Jeff Shen (slides unavailable) Integrating Bioinformatics with Functional Analyses to Define the Signaling Pathways Mediating Rice Responses to Phytohormone Abscisic Acid and Gibberellins
Industry Speakers

Azhar Alavi

Silicon Genetics- Expression Analysis with GeNet/GeneSpring
Kirk Jordan A Systems Biology Assessment from a Computational Scientist Perspective
Matt McGinnis Workgroup-scale Clustering for Bioinformatics
Poster Presentations

Krzysztof Cios

Identification of Proteins Using Various Approaches (pdf)
Yiwen He Designing a custom, in situ synthesized, whole-genome bacterial microarray
Mihail Popescu Soft Computing Tools for Gene Matching in Bioinformatics (ppt)
Steve Russell Integrated Term Weighting, Visualization, and User Interface Development for Bioinformation Retrieval
Karin Verspoor Text Mining for Bioinformatics (ppt)
Chia-Yu Yen Automated Quanification of Proteomics Data (pdf)
Short Presentations

George Acquaah-Mensah

Computational Process Representation in a Knowledge Base
Stephen Billups Clustering Gene Expression Data Using Independent Component Analysis (ppt)
K. Bretonnel Cohen Natural Language Processing in Molecular Biology (ppt)
Judith Cohn Integrated Relational Database for Protein Function Inference Project (pdf)
Harry Direen Information Modeling and Management in XML (ppt)
Andrew Dolbey Handling Floods of Literature: Biomedical Document Management (ppt)
Christian V. Forst Differential Network Expression During M. Tuberculosis Drug Response
Todd A. Gibson Comparing Biclustering Algorithms (ppt)
Ryan T. Gill Inverse Metabolic Engineering of Industrially and Clinically Relevant Traits in Bacteria
Theodor Hanekamp Computational Predicition of Essential Genes
Jack K. Horner A Phylogenetic Method for Identifying a Stage I Ovarian Cancer Signature in Serum Protein Mass Spectra (ppt)
Navdeep Jaitly MSMS Peak Identification through Maximum Likelihood Methods And its Application to Analysis of Tandem Mass Spectrometry data
Cliff Joslyn Multi-Poset-Based Approaches to Bio-Ontologies (pdf)
Pandjassarame Kangueane A Novel MHCp Binding Prediction Model (ppt)
Jeremy Leipzig The Splicing Graph Gallery (SGG) - Visualizing Gene Structure and Alternative Splicing
Bin Li Prediction of Half Activation Voltages of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels Based on Amino Acid Sequences Using Machine Learning (ppt)
Zhiyong Lu Using Proteome Analyst for Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction
Mary E. Lucero Development of a Spatially-related Phytochemical Database for a Chihuahuan Desert Shrubland (ppt)
Daniel Miranker Architecture and Application of MoBIoS: A Metric-Space DBMS to Support (ppt)
Dan Moore Classifying G-protein Coupled Receptors with a Hierarchy of Hidden Markov Models (ppt)
Hugh B. Nicholas Jr. Evaluating the Efficiency of Profile Methods: Progress Towards an Automated Profile Based Genome Annotation Tool
Todd Peterson Pyxis: An Application Integration Environment (ppt)
Tzu Lip Phang Preprocessing and comparison study of probes with similar sequence across different oligonucleotide based microarray platform
Andreas Rechtsteiner Use of MEDLINE's MeSH terms for automated functional annotation of gene expression clusters
Meena K Sakharkar Genome-wide Identification and Characterization of Intronless Genes in Eukaryotes
Ronald Taylor Bioinformatics Activities in the Biomolecular Systems Initiative at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (ppt)