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PhD student in Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, established in 1994, is recognised as an international centre of excellence in biomedical research, with a focus on heart disease and cardiovascular biology. It places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches within and across its research divisions, which are focused on Developmental and Stem Cell Biology, Cardiac Physiology and Transplantation, Molecular Cardiology & Biophysics, Vascular Biology and Molecular, Structural and Computational Biology. The Institute is housed in a state-of-the-art research building located within the St Vincent’s Hospital Research & Biotechnology Precinct in the Inner Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia.

Perspective PhD students are invited to join the newly established Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine.
The long-term goal of the laboratory is to understand (epi)genomic regulation in embryonic organ development and diseases in human and relevant animal models using integrative bioinformatics analysis of genome-scale data, especially next-generation sequencing (NGS) data such as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, DNase-seq, and whole genome sequencing.

We will be working on projects such as: (i) reconstruction and analysis of inter-cellular gene regulatory network during mammalian organogenesis; (ii) integrative analysis of epigenomic determinants for cell-type-specific signaling response; (iv) chromatin landscape of fungal epigenomcs; and (iv) causal disease mutation identification using whole genome sequencing data. All projects in this laboratory involve analysis of NGS data. Individual projects can be tailored to fit each team member’s professional interests and skill set. VCCRI has an in-house next-generation sequencer and ample computational resources. The laboratory is also actively involved in a host of exciting collaborations with local and international experimental/clinical collaborators.

The successful student will be eligible for a top-up scholarship stipend of $6,000 p.a. The top ranking candidates will receive an additional top-up of $10,000 p.a.

An ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics, medicine, biology, physics, computer science, engineering or a relevant field with demonstrated aptitude and experience in bioinformatics research. Strong programming skills in at least one language (e.g., R, Perl, C++ or Java) are essential. Previous experience in analysis of NGS data is highly desirable.

Job Information
Position Type: PhD student position
Start Date: January 01, 2016
Duration: Full Time
Status: open

Contact Information
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Systems Medicine
Dr. Joshua Ho
How To Apply:Please send your CV, copy of the academic transcript, and a short statement of research interests to Dr. Joshua Ho j.ho@victorchang.edu.au with ‘[PhD]’ and your name in the subject line.